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June 26, 2014

One day my prince will come – Scranton's premiere children portrait photographer

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As photographers, we are all guilty of being so in love with capturing magic for everyone else, we often put our own kids on the back burner. I am super guilty of this. I even find myself not even taking my own camera on vacation because I just want to enjoy my children and relax.  When I get home, I realize CRAP! I don’t have any pictures of that. Although I am still making memories, I didn’t get the chance to capture it.

My daughter Livia, who is 5 has been bugging me to allow her to wear my wedding dress.  It has been hanging in our laundry room for years now.  {Every time she asks I roll my eyes because the gown is HUGE}. I have seen a few done here and there and never really thought about it until this week when she asked again.  I thought to myself, WHY am I not bringing her to the studio and doing this.  Although I could have made a big production out of this with real flowers, ect.  I wanted it to just be fun for her.  I wanted to pose her but also have her be herself and be real.  I tell my brides this as well on their wedding day.  The best photos come from the heart and that is seriously the truth.  If you have worries or stress on your day, it will show no matter what kind of photo session your having.  I love how amazing Livia is in these photos.  So innocent and sweet.  I hope she one day decides to put these photos in a frame next her her actual wedding day photos.

This is a gift that I am going to present her on her actual wedding day.  It will be fun to see if she remembered doing this and it will be quite a photo oop for her photographer when I present them to her.

Hold on to these memories.  If your children ask you to take pictures of them, DO IT!  Life is too short and you never know when your last picture will be taken.


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