Family sessions mean everything! Here is your reward for all the blood, sweat and tears over the past few years. The chance for you to hang your family story on your walls, wake every morning and smile and the beautiful love God has blessed you with. These sessions are lifestyle oriented and require very little direction as it’s the magic & love you create as a family that will be captured.

Clothing choices are very important. I encourage you to visit my Pinterest page for ideas on wardrobe styling.

It is also very important to make sure each and every family member is on board with the session. If there is one unhappy member, it can affect your whole session. Documenting the love and magic you have together as a family is what we want to capture.

I will focus on the love you have for one another as a family as well as individual shots of your children. This is your time to have fun as a family and be yourselves. Let’s create some magic! There are no props unless you would like to implement them as interaction with your children. Concept can be fun, but it is very important to make sure it does not take away from the emotion we are trying to capture.

Sessions are scheduled the last hour before sundown and will carry on shortly after sunset.